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  Shandong Maifeng (Taian) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company situated in the High-tech Industrial Park in Feicheng, China, and specializes in R&D and production of the mid-range and high-end abrasive and polishing new material. The company has set foot in the research and development of the abrasive and polishing nano-materials since 2005, and has successively developed and manufactured a series of products, namely the “3M” cerium oxide,zirconiumoxide, aluminiumoxide, cerium rouge and polishing solution of silicondioxide, which are of five general categories and 38 types of specifications.
  The company is installed with advanced technological equipments, unique and mature sizing technique of calcination and grinding classification, as well as the 1500T/yr R&D and production of polishing and abrasive materials. The products have been sold nationwide, and received praise from a number of users for their product performance and stable quality; they have entered markets in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.
  Adhering to the management theory of “being tolerant to diversity, continuous to innovate", Taian maifeng new materials technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the continuous improvement of product quality and development of new products. While the products of the company are mainly used in precision optical glass, liquid crystal glass, photomask materials, touch screen of mobiles, optical fiber, semiconductor and precision metal industries. Setting up domestic and international trade departments, the company is committed to the establishment of strategic partnerships with customers worldwide.