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Which industry can mould polisher be applied to

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  Different kinds of polishing equipment will be applied to different industries, generally speaking, they are applied into processing of different industries according to some features of the polishing equipment. Then which industry can mould polisher be applied to may have not been known to everyone, the following is a brief introduction.
  I. In processing of various metal products
  This kind of polisher is a polishing equipment mainly controlled by a micro-computer, which has precise locking function, and therefore is used in various metal products to process.
  II. In the processing of glass
  Currently many shopping malls are applying glasses, and glass products is polished by mould polisher which can etch many pictures and patterns through micro-computer, and this operation is relatively convenient.
  III. In the processing of jade, agate
  The mould polisher can create many pattern pulse and pattern strengthened pulse accurately through micro-computer, thus it can achieve the object of carving in accordance with various needs.
  The above is three main industries that mould polisher is applied to, it is advisable for you to consider this kind of polishing equipment if you are working in this field.

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