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Participated In Optoelectronic Exhibition

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          Maifeng invests human and material resources in R & D and production departments, with advanced detection equipment and production equipment, as well as the 1500T/yr R&D and production of polishing and abrasive materials, including zirconium oxide polishing powder 400 tons/year, rare earth cerium oxide polishing liquid 1000 tons/year, silica polishing liquid 2000 tons/year, and other polishing powder and polishing fluid and other optical cold accessories. Market segments: blue glass, crystal glass, TFT thinning, cold precision optical glass, optical fiber industry and photomask, semiconductor materials manufacturing, LED manufacturing, sapphire, and other optical cold precision metal polishing industries.
          In recent years, Maifeng increased marketing efforts, has been to Shenzhen, Taiwan, Korea and other regions, to participate in various optical, touch-class trade fairs. On the show, the company demonstrated the polishing powder, slurry and other products to customers and sophisticated roasting, grinding technology, expanding the company's visibility and the potential customer, to recommend new products to enhance the company's competitive strength of purpose.






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