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The attentions in operating these polishers that the operators shall look to

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  Many issues shall be paid attention to by operators when they are working with the polishers. Both the personal safety and operating process of the polishing equipment shall be noticed, in this way can the production be finished better, please bear in mind the following issues:
  I. The machine being used shall be placed flat
  This is also the basic requirement of polishing equipment, generally you can put the machine on the ground that is relatively harder, just like a marble ground which is suitable to lay the polishing equipment.
  II. Evacuate irrelevant person
  Irrelevant persons shall be evacuated during the working of polishing equipment, due to their ignorant of the operating process, and there will be danger once they touch the machine, so the requirement of keeping far away of irrelevant persons from the machine shall be fulfilled.
  III. Modulate before the machine enter into normal working
  After finishing the preparation works of various aspects, the machine shall run without load for half an hour prior to normal processing.
  The above are issues that shall be noticed in operating the polisher, hope you could pay attention to these in the working afterwards.

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