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In which industry that the polishers are more frequently used

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      "Polishing powder production is a skill, divided into chemical synthesis, roasting, graded crushed, additives mixed four stages, the roasting process is the key to the product quality. The company continuously upgrade production technology, through the control of different calcination temperature and more sections, the most beneficial to polishing crystal structure." recently, the high-tech zone is located in shandong feicheng taian MaiFengXin material technology co., LTD., production workshop, general manager, technical director Changjiang Yu is introduced.
      We have learned that it is specializes in R&D and production of the mid-range and high-end abrasive and polishing new material. The main production is high-end rare earth polishing powder, zirconium oxide and silicon oxide nano-polishing liquid polishing fluid, polishing materials and auxiliary materials. Since its launch in 2013, the company pays attention to improve product quality and new product research and development, in conjunction with the university of jinan, Qingdao university of science and technology and other scientific research institutions to complete a number of projects, successively developed, Z, E Al series such as polishing abrasive materials, product quality in a leading level, successfully entered the domestic high-end market.
      "Although company time is not long, but we introduced the advanced powder materials testing equipment, has a mature technology research and development team and advanced quality testing equipment, technical personnel have developed new polishing materials with high added value, enhance the value-added products, and get the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise." Zhaomin Wang, the head of the company said.
      At present, the company's products sell very well, products are exported to Europe, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan markets successfully, operators situation steadily upgraded.

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